Drug Resistant Epilepsy (DRE) facts

People suffering from DRE
< 0%
 Patients treated every year
Patients under 18

Our solution

NxNeuro unveils the future of diagnosis and surgical treatment of drug-resistant epilepsy.

NxSEEG is a wireless mini-invasive probe that enables simple, controlled, minimally invasive implantation for sEEG.
It interfaces with the patient for reliable diagnosis and high-precision treatment delivery in different parts of the brain.

NxStation is a dedicated Radio Frequency ThermoCoagulation (RFTC) station equipped with Artificial Intelligence to deliver and control personalized treatment.

High-precision diagnosis

High-performance treatment

High-reliability technology

Our features

NxNeuro’s patented NxSEEG probes are designed for daily clinical use as well as for research purposes. Our probes feature multi-configuration contacts and innovative temperature sensors.

Different contact layouts make NxSEEG suitable for either low neuronal density cerebral structures or high neuronal density structures such as the insulae. We also offer micro-contacts for experimental research.

NxStation provides AI-guided treatment, displaying critical information such as power, treatment time and temperature of the treated areas for perfect control of all diagnosed areas.

Our vision

A future of personalized, minimally invasive medicine with a human dimension, comfort, and safety. We aim to provide clinicians with reliable, high-performance equipment with redesigned ergonomics for optimal patient outcomes.

At NxNeuro, we are committed to caring for children and adults whose illness has serious physical and emotional consequences that burden them and their families.

NxNeuro’s work has been awarded the « Grand Prix de l’innovation pour la santé de l’enfant » by the Fondation Saint-Pierre (Palavas-les-Flots, France).

We want to bring much-needed innovation to the treatment of drug-resistant epilepsy and provide millions of children and adults with an effective solution to their pathology.

The Future of Neurotechs is Next.

Our objectives:

<10% of invasive surgeries

x10 rate of care

Make sustainability a priority

>90% of remissions

NxNeuro Team

We are all medical device professionals, specialized in neuroscience and neurosurgery, and have been dedicated to improving medical technology for many years.



Pierre-Antoine CABAUD




Christophe MOUREAUX

Industry advisor


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